Tasmanian Greyhound Hall of Fame




Reg Ivory

Reg (Shorty) Ivory makes the inaugural Hall of Fame principally as a master trainer. In truth he makes it also as a master breeder, amazing character and half of one of the most formidable teams Tasmanian greyhound racing has known, with his marvellous wife Aileen.



George and Eileen Johnston
th_George and Eileen in 1975

Together, the Johnstons became famous in Tasmanian greyhound circles, remembered best for all the great dogs named "Fenton". None would be more famous than Fenton Girl, the most marvellous of a great litter.



Robert William "Bobbie " Brown

“Unassuming, softly spoken, gentle gentleman, always keen to help, very disciplined and man of action.” Must be talking about Bob Brown! Where do you start with this enigmatic man of so many colours?

Bob Brown was the champion junior boxer, footballer, soldier, wharfie and revolutionary greyhound trainer that elevates to Hall Of Fame status in 2008


Vivian James Berresford
th_viv beresford_2

Vivian Berresford was an early pioneer of professional greyhound training in Tasmania including developing a mobile walking machine. Widely known as the Baron, this nickname became a trademark of many successful racing greyhounds, such as Hobart Thousand Winner, Baron Woomera.





Hilda Williamson
Hilda Williamson

Tasmanian greyhound racing has been a far better place for Hilda Williamson having been a part of it. Self taught in all matters greyhound, and always understating her own ability and achievements, she was truly on the top rung of both trainers and breeders in this State.



Richard Stamford

Affectionately known as the Wizard of Westbury, his success has been nigh on unprecedented in this State, and he is a true lover of our great sport.




Claude Best

Claude Thomas Best was one of Tasmania's finest greyhound trainers. He was the leading trainer at Hobart between 1941 and 1944, and was always one of the leaders in the training ranks.




Colin and Cyril Rosevear
Twins in Tram Uniforms logo

The pair became a formidable and famous name in Tasmania as greyhound breeders and trainers in the pursuits of both Coursing and Track Racing.




Butch Deverell

It is not by accident, nor good luck that a trainer/ breeder could have so many wonderful greyhounds pass through his hands over a forty four year period.



George Forsythe
George Forsythe

George Forsythe was small of stature, but a larger than life figure in the formative years of track racing in this state.



Graeme Moate

Graeme “Charlie” Moate has been one of the most recognisable names in Tasmanian greyhound circles for the past six decades. His expertise as a trainer and as a “finder come fixer of injuries” is hard to surpass.




John Cameron

John Cameron is a much loved and respected figure. His achievements as a trainer are many, and so is his great contribution to all aspects of our sport.




Ted Medhurst
Ted Medhurst

In terms of individual winners trained, strike rate and the volume of feature race victories, Ted Medhurst enters the Hall of Fame with no peer in the history of Tasmanian greyhound racing.




Reg Wilson
Reg Wilson

Reg Wilson, known to many as “Titch”, was a colourful character and one of Tasmania’s greatest trainers from post World War Two until 1966.