Tasmanian Greyhound Hall of Fame




M.A. “Arthur” Morgan

Arthur Morgan

Clearly, Irishman Michael Arthur Morgan, who had turned sixteen the day left for Australia in 1921, shaped the face of Greyhound Racing in Tasmania more than any other contributor. He was the founding father of track racing as we know it today.




J.G. “Jack” Nelson

Jack Nelson

A firm and very direct individual, Jack Nelson's love of greyhounds and great courage of character was responsible for track racing as we know it getting off the ground in Tasmania.



Ollie & Des Illingworth
th_Des Illingworth

Des Illingworth

The Illingworth name is synonymous with greyhound racing in Tasmania and father and son Ollie and Des Illingworth are members of the Tasmanian Greyhound Hall Of Fame.




Don Bomford
Don Bomford

Don Bomford

Nobody has given greater service to any Club than Don Bomford has to the Hobart Greyhound Racing Club. Don Bomford is a popular participant in our sport and we are proud to include our living legend Don Bomford, into the Tasmanian Greyhound Hall of Fame.



Ray Foley
Ray Foley logo

Ray Foley

Ray Foley was one of Tasmania's finest Greyhound administrators and long term editor of the "Bible of Tasmanian Greyhound Racing"...The Greyhound Guide.



Stephen King
Steve King logo

Stephen King

Veterinarian Stephen Jeffries King has had an amazing association with Greyhound Racing in Tasmania generally, but in Launceston particularly, spanning almost fifty years



Garry Sutton

Garry Sutton

Gary Sutton’s contribution to Tasmanian greyhound racing has been long and varied, indeed there a few areas of our sport in which he has not played a significant role